Lady Jane’s Haircuts For Men | Headquarters + Salon

Inspired by their ‘Wicked Awesome’ service-centric brand, we designed the Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men Headquarters + Salon to invigorate employee engagement and elevate the customer experience.

To capture the adrenaline of their culture, tech features including a virtual check-in system were integrated throughout- along with bold graphics, juxtaposing high-energy colors, and visual access to the inner workings of the successful enterprise.

This space was configured to be open and exhilarating, exuding an excitement that matches the client’s culture. With a focus on athleisure, Lady Jane’s distinctive sophisticated sports theme was incorporated, nodding to Detroit athletics and recreation through the perforated metal mesh details and high-performance athletic-inspired textiles. To showcase the talent and attentive hospitality within their grooming services, the salon was positioned front + center- visible to street-level traffic to establish a vibrant retail destination.

  • LOCATION Birmingham, MI
  • Date Completed August 2017
  • SIZE 7,600 sq ft
  • PARTNERS L.A. Johnson Building Company LLC
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Eric Perry Photography