Bedrock Detroit | 615 Lafayette Lobby + Historic Conference Room

For nearly 100 years, 615 Lafayette, originally designed by architect Albert Kahn, was home to some of Detroit’s greatest journalism as the Detroit News Building. Beginning in 2016, Pophouse worked alongside Kahn Architecture and Bedrock Detroit to renovate the lobby back to its old grandeur. In keeping with the historical design, many of the architectural elements were restored and custom light fixtures were recreated to replicate fixtures that were originally in the lobby. The furniture and accessories allowed for a more contemporary take on history through the use of sleeker shapes and modern colors while still using traditional materials. The artwork, created by a local Detroit artist, serves as a subtle tie to the building’s roots. Visitors and tenants get a glimpse of the rich history of this building through the lens of the present.

  • LOCATION Detroit, MI
  • Date Completed March 2017
  • SIZE 1590 sq ft
  • PARTNERS Kahn Architecture, Turner Construction
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Eric Perry Photography