• Acoufelt Collaborates with Detroit-Based dPOP

    Acoufelt is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Detroit-based workplace + experiential design firm, dPOP. Through this unique partnership, dPOP’s industrial + experiential designers are thoughtfully compiling a collection of trend-inspired patterns and colorways for Acoufelt’s acoustic product line. Acoufelt’s high-resolution printing capabilities means graphic designs can be applied to materials without impacting their Read more

  • ‘Disrupting the Assembly Line’ with GM

    Experiential design is immersive. It transforms a workspace into a visual articulation of company identity. 2D graphics + 3D installations artistically interpret day-to-day tools, abstracting them and inspiring reconsideration of their utility. The ability to see a familiar concept in new ways is the core of innovation. For a workplace striving to break away from Read more

  • ‘Up from the Vaults’

    Our work is as exceptional as the space we do it in. It’s a common correlation. dPOP was founded in the revamped basement vaults of Detroit’s historic Dime Savings Bank, shaping our team’s methods of adaptive reuse in workplace design. So, we understand the value of connecting a business to its location’s past. And when Read more

  • ‘Old Is New Again: Is It Worth It?’

    ADAPTIVE REUSE, THAT IS. The history of a place shapes its culture, impacting the local people, buildings, and businesses. It can become integral to a company’s narrative and identity. When a workspace honors the building’s past it can inspire an emotional connection to the space, engaging employees on a deeper level. Take the dPOP studio, Read more