'Disrupting the Assembly Line' with GM

Experiential design is immersive. It transforms a workspace into a visual articulation of company identity. 2D graphics + 3D installations artistically interpret day-to-day tools, abstracting them and inspiring reconsideration of their utility. The ability to see a familiar concept in new ways is the core of innovation.

For a workplace striving to break away from industry automation, creative space is key.

While working on General Motors’ Transformation project, we gained inspiration from their brand culture, manufacturing process, parts, products, and company history. These findings informed a custom workspace design that uniquely relates to their team members.

Take a look at GM’s Z Panel Wall, for example.

Z panels are samples used to test car paint colors on different curvatures of metal. We replicated the panel in various shades of red to create a piece that celebrates their team’s work.

Image Credit: Stage 3 Productions

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