The Experiment: Density

dPOP’s Research Lab experiments with the latest workspace studies, trends + innovations to ensure that we’re providing every one of our clients with the best tools for their team.


We installed the Density prototype over the entrance to our Modern Vault conference room for testing.

Imagine walking into your next meeting with all of your technology + settings automatically configured the second you step into the room. No rushing to set up a client presentation, or struggling to find that conference line code, or shivering distractedly because the last meeting left the AC on full blast.

Sounds downright efficient, doesn’t it?
We think so too, which is why we’re experimenting with the Density occupancy software. Its technology unlocks a world of possibilities that open up when a room is able to sense that you’ve entered it. By linking it to scheduling, virtual conferencing, and facilities tools, a space could be customized to your specifications.

We wanted to check it out, firsthand. So, our team installed the Density sensory device into our own conference room.

Simply, Density is a people-counting device that collects + stores accurate space occupancy data.

With its easy-to-install minimalistic design, this device can fit and measure just about any space. Real-time data can be accessed through the Density API (Application Program Interface), which can be added to any app, website, or dashboard.

It is not a camera, it’s a sensory device. For privacy protection, Density’s sensors are anonymous + do not collect any personally identifiable information.
“To Density, people look like anonymous silhouettes.”

Using infrared light, Density tracks people as they enter and exit a space. Computer vision, depth sensing technology, and the device processor determine the speed, direction, and movement of each person. Wi-Fi (or PoE) connectivity allows Density to deliver occupancy data to the API for simple accessibility. From there, the information provided can be applied to a variety of solutions!

The data collected by Density provides insight into how people are using a room. Having access to this information can enhance the design of more efficient workspace. It can also help to streamline scheduling, measure foot traffic, and increase security. By linking it to other conference room technology tools, it could also be capable of automatically customizing a room to each user’s specifications- the possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned for The Results from dPOP’s Research Lab- Or better yet, contact us to schedule a visit and check it out for yourself!

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